Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Ideas for a New Spoof Movie

They haven't come out with a new spoof movie in quite sometime, so I thought I would type my ideas out and hope they see them. You may have seen these movies I spoof in theaters recently....

SCENE 1: We open to see the kids from Slumdog Millionaire, and here's the first joke. They're actually midgets! David Beckham look a like then runs by and punts both of them, because midgets flying through air is funny. Then, David Beckham's wife comes by and starts acting all annoying, then eats a crumb and says she's full. You know, because of the anorexia? Then, she starts dancing and singing I kissed a Girl and everyone else joins in even the midgets. End scene 1.

SCENE 2: We open seeing Lil Wayne(yes, played by a midget) singing a song, when Sean Penn look a like comes walking down the street. He is already gay in Milk, so we have that easy joke. They get in an argument and have a dance off and Penn starts dancing all gay and stuff. We have this last for a few hours and then Jason shows up and kills them both. Then he farts.

SCENE 3: We have Mickey Rourke look a like wrestling then we show him with steroids and he gets really mad and angry and turns into hulk and kills people.

SCENE 4(the finale): 50 celebrity references then a bunch of farting.

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Yes but

Football in the groin had a football in the groin