Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Have you guys heard about this?


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Many strange things are happening

I haven't died from swine flu yet, but I'm prepared too. Anyway, here's a really terrible article. Handwriting shows what kind of personality you have. What a stupid thing to say.

Anyway, I have another video. It's very weird. Here it is:

Old habits die hard.
So do old rabbits. I guess. That really didn't make sense.

Good night.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Review of Romeo and Juliet

Well, I just finished reading Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. It is about two people who fall in love after seeing each other once. It deals with a family feud. It also deals in tragedy. It is a depressing little play. So much tragedy, so much confusion.

So, I kind of thought the story was cliche. I mean, two lovers who can't be together because of their families? That's been done thousands of times before. I think Shakespeare stole his idea from the hit 1996 Leonardo DiCaprio movie with the same name. That's plagiarism.

Anyway, the unoriginal story isn't the worst part, considering you can't really understand what they're saying. How could people talk like that? It would take hours to get fast food with those idiots talking. My God, just make sense for once!

Also, Romeo is a weird man. He thinks he loves Juliet after seeing her once, when really he just wants to have sex with her. Why would I guy want to marry a girl that quickly? What is wrong with him? It would have been a huge blow to the feud if he put dirty pictures of Juliet on the internet.

All in all, this play provides us with a lot of death, love, hate, and overall confusion that only geniuses can create. It's like Donnie Darko, only it's not 100% terrible. Sidenote: I have not seen Donnie Darko, I intend to keep it that way. Also, I don't like how this play and Fiddler on the Roof give arranged marriages bad names. Does tradition mean nothing to people anymore? My marriage will be arranged, and it will be wonderful.

Grade: Incomplete